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Getting inspired... at Pick me up, London

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Last week, my 6 year old and I went on a little adventure to London and visited the graphic design and illustration festival aka Pick Me Up at Somerset House in London. It was great to see how kid friendly the festival was. 

Pick me up identity at Soemrset House

As any stationery lovers, we were both in awe of giant paperclips that were part of the Pick me up identity around the Somerset house.

My kiddo loved the giant Cat Island by Jessica Das

Jessica Das

Jack Hudson's lovely prints...

Decorate your own wooden bricks...

We loved the letter painting with Animaux Circus's colours on a gorgeous pastel, watermelon theme.

Barcelona's Hey Studio lovely lettering prints...


And there was loads and loads more to see. One of my favourites was the room with Brighton's shop Unlimited, a room so packed with people that I didn't manage to take any photos! 


And some goodies in the shape of 16 postcards of artworks from the festival...

The whole festival identity and collateral was designed by Studio Emmi.

Maja Jones Blog post on Pick me up London

It was fun and inspiring for both adults and kids alike. I've got me a new exhibition buddy and we can't wait to go back next year!